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Zimbabwean exporters to set footprint in Namibia

ZimTrade is facilitating the participation of Zimbabwean companies at the Zimbabwe Outward Mission to Namibia, designed to create strong trade linkages between Zimbabwean businesses and buyers in Namibia, with the […]

Guide for selecting an export market

THE AFRICAN Continental Free Trade Area, which started trading in January 2021 under guided initiative is expected to open access to more markets than before when Zimbabwe joins the second […]

Zim exports grow in the past 5 years

Trade, particularly exports, plays a pivotal role in the development of economies and growth in exports reflects on improved productivity and improved employment from the industries. There is no doubt, […]

Support will drive exports of arts and crafts  

The arts, creative, and cultural industries are a strategic area, whose potential to contribute towards national exports can be easily unlocked if initiatives are implemented to support local business. The […]

Positioning leather sector for growth

A robust leather sector is crucial in boosting the generation of much-needed foreign currency, as well as creating employment opportunities in Zimbabwe.A vibrant leather sector has direct positive spin-offs for […]

Time to revisit leather exports

Considering that the leather sector on the continent was once the biggest in the world, there is room for local producers to reclaim lost market-share


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