Are You an Exporter?

The seller of goods and services from one country (whose name appears on the Export Declaration Form)to a buyer in another country is known as the “Exporter”.

For the purpose of this Trade Information Portal (TIP), an exporter shall be one who manufactures or produces a product or services in Zimbabwe and which is sold (exported) to another country through proper customs procedures.

NOTE: A manufacturer may use the services of a middleman (an export management company, an export trading company, an agent or a merchant) to effectively sell his/her product or service in a foreign market.

There are five (5) categories of Entrepreneurs of which four (4) are exporters of varying levels. They are:

Every entrepreneur would wish to graduate from Non- Exporter status to become a Global Exporter.

The journey always starts with a first-step. ZimTrade will accompany you throughout your journey.