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Exploring the Malaysian market. Sectors invited include; Horticulture, Essential Oils, Beef, Processed Foods and Apiculture.

17 – 20 SEPTEMBER, Kuala Lumpur, MITEC

The Zimbabwe horticulture sector is a thriving industry, contributing significantly to the country’s economy. With favourable climate conditions and fertile soils, Zimbabwe cultivates a diverse range of horticultural crops.

From exquisite handcrafted arts to premium agricultural produce, our platform connects you with trusted suppliers, enabling seamless transactions and fostering international trade relationships.

From intricate stone sculptures to colourful beadwork and woven baskets, Zimbabwean artisans celebrate their artistic traditions through visually captivating creations.

Check out our award winning show. The third season is out now!!

The best and authentic leather products from Zimbabwe. Read our story.

ZimTrade export development progamme empowering female owned businesses with export knowlage and skills.

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