Q. What is ZimTrade?

  • ZimTrade, the Zimbabwe’s Trade Development and Promotion Organisation, is a unique joint venture partnership between the Private sector and the Government of Zimbabwe. It was established in 1991. Our mandate is to Energise Zimbabwe’s Export Growth. We provide services to Zimbabwe’s exporting community so as to enhance global competitiveness.

Q. What are the Services offered by ZimTrade?

ZimTrade offers the following services;

  • Market Intelligence: …by disseminating information through various platforms;
  • Export Development: …by nurturing existing and potential Exporters;
  • Capacity Building: …through offering export training Programmes;
  • Export Promotion: …through facilitating the marketing of Zimbabwean products and services to the global market;
  • Systemic competitiveness: …through trade facilitation.

Q. What training programmes are offered by ZimTrade for potential exporters, export ready and exporting companies?

ZimTrade offers, among others, a Marketing and Branding for International Competitiveness (MBIC) Training Programme, which aims to develop and improve export skills. The course content covers the following modules, among others:

  • Foundations in Export Marketing
  • Identifying Market Opportunities
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • International Marketing Mix
  • Optimising Value Creation and Retention (the use of brands, certification marks as well as other differentiators for value adding)
  • Export Documentation.Export Awareness Seminars are also delivered to targeted groups.

Q. What is the Zim-EBIC?

  • The Zimbabwe-European Business Information Centre is a facility that allows companies to access real time trade and market intelligence related information on EU member states’ import requirements and rules of origin for exports under Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), among others.The facility also provides market analysis tools that includes the Trade map, Market Access map, Standards map, which provides trade related information on 220 countries and territories as well as 5300 products of the Harmonized System.

Q. What licences are required to export products from Zimbabwe?

Depending on the product, an Export permit/licence can be obtained from the following Ministries or organisations:

    • Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development;
    • Ministry of Industry and Commerce;
    • Ministry of Energy and Power Development;
    • Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe;
    • Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate;
    • Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe;
    • Parks and Wildlife Authority;
    • Agricultural Marketing Authority;
    • Environmental Management Agency.

Q. How can companies access ZimTrade services?

ZimTrade Head Office at 904 Premium Close, Mt. Pleasant Business Park, Harare Tel: 04-369330/41, 08677000374 Email: info@zimtrade.co.zw Website: www.zimtrade.bhizimusi.com Twitter handle: @zimtradealerts OR
ZimTrade Regional Office at 48 J. Tongogara Street, btwn 3rd and 4th Ave, Bulawayo, Tel: 09-66151, 08677000378 Email: info@zimtrade.co.zw Website: www.zimtrade.bhizimusi.com

Q. Where can I buy Certificates of Origin Forms and how much do they cost?

  • The SADC and COMESA Certificate of Origin Forms (US$1.00 per triplicate) as well as the EUR. 1 Forms (US$0.50 per triplicate) are available at ZimTrade (Harare & Bulawayo Offices).The Certificate of Origin forms for the Zimbabwe/Mozambique Bilateral Trade Agreement are also available a ZimTrade at US$1.00 per triplicate. Forms for other Bilateral Trade Agreements are available at the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce offices. GSP Forms are available at ZimTrade offices at no cost.

Q. Where can I get a list of Zimbabwean exporters/manufacturers?

  • The list can be obtained on this Trade Information Portal on the following link: Export Directory.
  • The portal also has a detailed Trade Directory of Zimbabwe which is  accessed on the following link: Trade Directory of Zimbabwe