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Sourcing your inputs

Sourcing your inputs

Zimbabwe is a major exporter of primary goods, in raw and processed forms. These include tobacco, minerals (precious and semi -precious stones, ores, slag and ash, iron and steel, sugar and sugar confectioneries, cotton, wood and articles made of wood, raw hides and skin, coffee and tea, among its top export products. Most of these are “wholly obtained” which means they are locally sourced raw-materials and products made solely thereof.

NOTE: The Rules of origin criteria are vary for different regional markets, namely for COMESA, SADC and E.U. The Rules of Origin Criteria for preferential treatment are defined in each Trade Agreement or Trade Protocol. You may also wish to consult ZIMRA for detailed information at

However, the Government is actively encouraging more and more export-oriented industries to be set-up in Zimbabwe to strengthen the industrialisation process, including diversification of the industrial base. This strategic orientation is premised on adding value to imported raw-materials (either not available in Zimbabwe or not available in sufficient quantities) to be sufficiently transformed or processed in Zimbabwe so as to satisfy the Rules of Origin criteria for the target markets. Our exporters of manufactured products imperatively use part of imported materials which are transformed into an export product.

If as an exporter you use imported materials in your production, you are advised to familiarise yourself with policies on import trade and customs clearance procedures to avoid unnecessary delays and problems.

You should know if a license, permit or clearance is required to import any specific product. If yes, then you should know the Processes, Place, Time and Cost for obtaining such a license, permit or clearance.

More importantly, you should know the list of products which are prohibited, restricted or banned from being imported into Zimbabwe.

NOTE: Prior to importing any product, you should contact your customs broker/freight forwarder or ZIMRA for advice.


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