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Are you planning to enter an new market?

You must have in-depth information about doing business in that country, its political, economic & social conditions, the leading market players, the main cities & towns, the sources and levels of competition, the pricing structure, business cultures, ethics & values, the standards & norms, the key trade support institutions, trade agreements if any, and information about travel & logistics. Obtaining reliable and updated information and intelligence is challenging and costly. To assist Zimbabwean exporters get detailed information on emerging market(s)and other market(s) of your interest, ZimTrade offers a multi-level market research service, on selected markets, to help Zimbabwean exporters and potential exporters, including SMEs to better prepare their market entry strategy.

ZimTrade offers a suite of market intelligence services. These services include:

  • Market Surveys and Reports.
  • Market Briefs
  • Market Pointers
  • Country fact-sheets.


ZimTrade experts are ready to advise and assist you in your export business. Should you be facing any trade obstacle, please report it to us. You can send us an SMS on +263715876373 or submit the form below.​