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Youth owned business flourishing through the youth export incubator programme

By Shamiso Masoka

Nyanga Craft Ciders, first runner-up of the ZimTrade-powered 2022 Eagles’ Nest programme, has improved the quality of their products, thanks to the expertise attained through the export mentorship programme.

The youth-owned business, which is situated in Manicaland, has incorporated the concept of  value addition and is producing apples and other fruit products such as ciders, and vinegar for local and export markets.

Nyanga Craft ciders was a participant in the 2022 edition of the Eagles Nest.

The Eagles Nest Programme is a programme meant to harness the skills of the youths and inculcate export-centric mind frame to their businesses.

Through the Eagles Nest program, Nyanga Craft Ciders was capacitated through trainings, mentorship, and technical interventions.

They also managed to develop their products’ quality, branding, and packaging.

After demonstrating export readiness, ZimTrade facilitated the first-time exhibition by the youth-led company at this year’s edition of Zimbabwe International Trade Fair in preparation for participating at international exhibitions.

The company being in the value-addition sector enhances the raw fruits before they reach the final consumers.

Adding value to a product helps businesses to attract more customers, which can boost revenue and profits.

One of the major advantages of value addition is increased export earnings as products become more competitive on the international market.

It also creates employment opportunities in the communities.

Value addition has proved that if implemented well it can boost Zimbabwe’s exports.

The company started in 2019, with its main business activity being production of various ciders from locally sourced fruits, such as pineapples, and apples.

Currently, they have grown their portfolio to include liquor and vinegar.

According to Nyanga Craft Ciders the company was formed to add value to the Nyanga apples by making beverages from the apples, later incorporated other fruits to meet the palates of diversified Zimbabweans hence the introduction of fruity ciders.

The aim was to achieve production of a local cider made by local ingredients and to get people all over the world to taste the deliciousness of Nyanga fruits in a bottle.

Due to the uniqueness of the products, they have created demand on the local and export markets and with investment in automation capacity will increase to meet the export markets demand.

The role being played by Nyanga Craft Ciders in the market is value creation through value chain management.

Apple farmers used to lose part of their post- harvest value due to poor postharvest management, bad agronomic practice, and poor grades.

Nyanga Craft Ciders managed to minimize the losses that were experienced by the farmers.

Further to minimizing post-harvest losses Nyanga Craft Ciders has also managed to create employment to the youths.  

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