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By Alex Mutandi

ZIMTRADE IS organizing the participation of local companies in the agricultural sector at the Zambia’s 2024 edition of Agritech Expo.

The Expo will run from 18-20 April 2024 at the Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust Research Centre in Chisamba.

This high-level event brings together suppliers and farmers of all scales to showcase products and educate customers on new methods and services available in the market.

The products to be exhibited include farm equipment, combine harvesters, garden equipment, landscaping, seeds, plants, net shading, poultry, fish farming, cut flowers, fertilisers, dairy, canning and processing, composting equipment, crop production and other related products.  

Agricultural inputs and implements present lucrative export opportunities for local manufacturers.

According to the TradeMap, the exports of agricultural inputs and implements grew from US$606 billion in 2019 to US$828 billion in 2022.

Participating at the Agritech Expo presents an opportunity for our local suppliers to get new markets for the products and services and hence begin trade.

So why should you consider the Agritech Expo for your business?

Agritech Expo is a premier event in Zambia for showcasing the latest agricultural technology, products, and services.

Some specific products and services that have been particularly successful at previous Agritech Expos in Zambia include precision agriculture technology, irrigation systems, seed and fertilizer innovations, livestock management solutions, and agricultural machinery and equipment.

Additionally, agribusiness consultancy services and financial solutions tailored for the agricultural sector have also been well-received by attendees.

According to the event organisers, the 2023 edition of the expo attracted over 150 exhibitors and 20,000 agricultural business visitors from countries in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

The event offers suppliers a platform to engage in real time with real farmers, to improve the agriculture landscape through interactive dialogues with key industry players and increasing trade, revenue, and profitability across the board.

By participating at the expo, companies can connect with key industry players, potential buyers, and government officials.

It can also provide valuable networking opportunities, market insights, and potential partnerships that can help boost their business growth in the African market.

As for high profile issues to expect at the fair, topics such as sustainable farming practices, agribusiness investment opportunities, digital innovation in agriculture, and food security are likely to be discussed.

Discussions will also focus on climate change, water management, and other relevant challenges facing the agricultural sector in Zambia and beyond.

Requirements to exhibit at the Expo

To showcase at the Agritech Expo in Zambia, exhibitors typically need to have products or services related to agriculture, technology, or innovation in the sector.

Participants usually include agricultural companies, technology providers, government officials, investors, and industry experts.

Companies that want to exhibit under the Zimbabwean pavilion need to confirm their participation with ZimTrade to secure the limited stands.

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