The Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (The Chamber) is a private sector voluntary organization established in 1894 for The Chamber is established for the purpose of developing, promoting, and lobbying for its members and the local business community.
ZNCC is an apolitical, non-profit, membership-based business association which has a mandate to equip business with development opportunities. This achieved through lobbying, business advocacy, economic researches, information dissemination, collaboration and facilitation with all stakeholders, government and regional counterparts in light of economically empowering and resuscitating corporate and industrial Zimbabwe.
The Chamber is driven by a Secretariat through subcommittees, which provide the platform for members to contribute ideas on how the Chamber conducts its business. Currently the active subcommittees of the Chamber are:

  • Membership & Public Relations Subcommittee
  • Advocacy Subcommittee
  • Macro-Economic Subcommittee
  • SME’s Subcommittee
  • Finance & Administration Subcommittee
  • Women’s Desk Subcommittee
  • Trade Subcommittee
  • ZNCC is also headed by a presidium which stands as follows:
  • Mr Davison Norupiri – President
  • Mrs Devine Ndhlukula – Vice President
  • Mr Christopher Mugaga – CEO

What services are provided to Exporters?

Trade Promotion and Market Information

  • Certificates of origin Forms for exportation e.g. the COMESA certificate of origin, SADC certificate of origin etc.
  • Information dissemination to exporters.


  • Regional Business Awards
  • Annual Congress
  • Women in Enterprise Conference and Awards
  • Business Review Conference
  • Seminars and Workshops