Ministry of Industry and Commerce

About the Ministry

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) exists to promote the development of vibrant, sustainable and globally competitive industrial and commercial enterprises, and fair trade practices through the provision of enabling policy and regulatory frameworks. To achieve this, the Ministry is committed to maintaining a culture of strong, client-focused service. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce is a service provider to the business community, other government departments and the general public on industry and commerce and trade policy issues.

Services Offered

The Ministry issues permits and licenses for all exports and imports of intermediate and finished products. All Commercial rent disputes are also handled by the Ministry. CMET certificates are also issued by the Ministry for all measuring equipment. The Ministry also handles all consumer complaints. The Ministry also mobilises funds for the recapitalization of the industry. For example the DIMAF facility which saw a number of companies benefitting. Furthermore, the Ministry offers support to investors through assisting them on all the necessary procedures involved in the registration of their companies as well as linking them with the relevant partners. But if you are looking for a writer for hire, has many professional writers who are ready to complete any assignment you may have at any time. The Ministry also assist companies to go and exhibit their products at local and international exhibitions. The Ministry helps the industry in identifying markets through Trade Missions.

Events Organised by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce

The Ministry is responsible for coordinating and orgainising a number of events which includes the following:
  • Zimbabwe’s participation at World Expositions
  • Breakfast meetings on industrial, consumer and trade issues.
  • Awareness campaigns on new policies pertaining to industrial, trade and consumer issues
  • Workshops-such as Industrial and Trade Policy Review workshops and
  • Policy dialogues.

What services are provided to Exporters?

The Ministry is responsible for issuing export licences for all specified products. The Ministry also assists exporters to identify markets through Trade Missions. The Ministry also assist exporters by giving them all the information pertaining to different markets where the Ministry has Trade Promotion Offices. Information on the Trade Agreements between Zimbabwe and other countries is also available to all exporters in the form of brochures. In terms of production, the Ministry also assist the industry to boost their production by duty and tax exemption.

To facilitate sustainable industrial and commercial growth for socio-economic development.

Zimbabwe will be a competitive, sustainable and industrialised economy benefiting fully from its national endowments including its natural resources by 2025.

Head Office
Ministry of Industry & Commerce
P. Bag CY7708, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe
13th Floor, Mukwati Building
Telephone: +263 4 730081/7; 791823/7 702731
Fax: +263 4 704116/723765/729311