The mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to promote the political and economic interests, image and influence of the Republic of Zimbabwe in the international community and to protect the interests and safety of Zimbabwean nationals abroad through:

  • interfacing with other countries and multilateral organisations via our Diplomatic Missions abroad,
  • interfacing with foreign Diplomatic Missions accredited to Zimbabwe, and
  • co-ordination of Zimbabwe’s responses to bilateral, regional and international developments.

Services offered

  1. Overseeing polices governing political and economic relations with various countries and multilateral organisations;
  2. Responding to all enquiries from Diplomatic Missions and International Organisations accredited to Zimbabwe;
  3. Facilitating official appointments between Government Officials and foreign representatives upon notification/request;


  1. Advancing the interests of Zimbabwean nationals abroad;
  2. facilitating the issuance of all official documents such passports, Temporary Travel Documents, Police Clearance, Birth Certificates;
  3. Facilitating the processing of visas for Zimbabwean officials travelling abroad;
  4. Facilitating the repatriation of the deceased’s remains;
  5. Administering the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations;
  6. Preparing notices conferring privileges and immunities on international organizations for publication in the Government Gazette;
  7. Responding to general consular enquiries from members of the public.


  1. Providing custody of all international agreements and maintains a treaty register of all multilateral and bilateral treaties and agreements that Zimbabwe is party to;
  2. Facilitating the enforcement of maintenance orders, litigation and processes in civil and criminal matters involving Zimbabwean and foreign nationals, and extradition of criminals;
  3. Authenticating all documents of Zimbabwean origin for international use.


  1. Coordinating training in diplomacy, international relations, foreign languages and;
  2. Facilitating training in promotion of international law, trade and development, investment and tourism.

Protocol and Conferencing

  1. Providing protocol services in accordance with internationally acceptable protocol procedures and practice;
  2. Facilitating accreditation of Foreign Heads of Mission and International Organisations and diplomatic staff;
  3. Assisting in the processing of complaints and claims involving members of the public and members of the Diplomatic Corps.

Zimbabwe’s Diplomatic Missions

  1. Implement Zimbabwe’s foreign policy.
  2. Monitor and promote bilateral political, economic, social , environmental, technological, strategic and security developments in their countries of accreditation;
  3. Assist business people and official Government delegations;
  4. Provide information to potential investors tourists to Zimbabwe.

Consular services:

  1. Respond to visa enquiries;
  2. Facilitate issuance of Passports, Temporary Travel Documents, Birth Certificates etc to Zimbabweans abroad
  3. Authenticate official Zimbabwean documents;
  4. Facilitate repatriation of mortal remains to Zimbabwe; and
  5. Pay consular visits to incarcerated Zimbabwean nationals.