Cotton Ginners Association of Zimbabwe

A passion for fair trading!

The Cotton Ginners Association of Zimbabwe (CGAZ) is a non-profit making representative organisation of cotton merchants and ginners who support contract seed cotton production. The association was formed in 2006 and its membership is voluntary; currently there are eight ginning companies which make up the membership of the association. These members are; Alliance Ginneries, China Africa Cotton, Cottco, ETG Parrogate, Grafax Cotton, Olam Zimbabwe, Sinotex and Sinozim Cotton Holdings.

The association was formed because of the need for the ginning sector to speak with one voice to the Government and other stakeholders. CGAZ gave a positive impetus to the promulgation of laws that regulate the industry today. Legislation was re-introduced to bring back sanity to the industry and ensure investor confidence. The association continues to liaise with the Government on trade matters affecting its members.

The CGAZ is governed by a Constitution and By-Laws which are in conformity with the existing legislation namely SI 63 of 2011 and SI 142 of 2009. The enactments are provided under the Agricultural Marketing Authority Act [CAP. 18:24].

The CGAZ is a member of the African Cotton & Textile Industries Federation (ACTIF), through the Association of Cotton Value Adders in Zimbabwe (ACVAZ), the country’s apex body in the cotton value chain and is also affiliated to MOZAZIMA; a grouping of cotton growing Southern African countries.

Services offered

The CGAZ members promote the production of seed cotton and its by-products through contract farming whilst ensuring that quality standards are maintained in the cotton industry in Zimbabwe. The association also advocates for fair trade practices to prevail in the cotton industry in its bid to become a world-class player in the promotion of quality production, processing and marketing of Zimbabwean seed cotton and its products. CGAZ also provides a strategic link to the international buyers and organizations.

The association aims to transform the cotton industry into one of the most vibrant and profitable industries in Zimbabwe. This is achieved by laying the foundation for its members to adhere to the laws and practices of the industry.

The CGAZ promotes the orderly production, processing and marketing of Zimbabwean cotton through set standards in the provision of;

  • Inputs for crop production which are timeously distributed to farmers through designated convenient distribution points.
  • Extension services and training of farmers which entails farmer field schools and demonstration plots.
  • Grading facilities linked to ginneries to ensure maintenance of world class standards.

What services are provided to Exporters?

The CGAZ’s vision is to become a world-class leader in the promotion of production and marketing of seed cotton and its products through the implementation of set standards whilst ensuring that Zimbabwe attains leadership status on the African continent.

In conformity with this vision, the association aims to maintain globally acceptable standards in the production and marketing of seed cotton and lint to ensure effective competition and profitability.

The values of the CGAZ are:-

Being professional in the conduct of business.

Ensuring that best practices are maintained in production and marketing of seed cotton

Satisfying customers’ expectations in the supply of lint worldwide.

Teaming up with stakeholders in unity of purpose.


  • As part of the contract farming programme, CGAZ members  arrange an annual programme of Farmer Field Training Schools;
  • Complimentary to the training there are Demonstration plots and Field Days organised in the course of the production season.