ZimTrade offers hand-holding support and guidance to potential importers of products and services from Zimbabwe.

If you are already doing business with Zimbabwe and you wish to expand your sourcing requirements either for new products or more of the same or similar products, contact ZimTrade and we will connect you to local suppliers.

If you are a first time importer, ZimTrade is your first port of call. We will provide you with a list of reliable suppliers and also assist you to get in touch with companies of your interest.

If you wish to resume sourcing your requirements from Zimbabwe, ZimTrade will be pleased to assist you in match-making with the most appropriate producers.
We invite you to visit Zimbabwe to see for yourself the sourcing opportunities that are on offer. ZimTrade will be pleased to organise your programme of visits so as to allow you to meet and engage with the most potential suppliers.

We also organise one-to-one match-making with reliable Zimbabwean exporters, at the various trade events which ZimTrade organises or participates in.