ZimTrade engages Dutch onion expert

ZimTrade engages Dutch onion expert 

ZimTrade has engaged Mr. Hans Van Leeuwen, a senior PUM onion expert with over 45 years’ experience in onion production, to provide expert advice to local onion growers.

The engagement is part of the projects’ activities stipulated in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between ZimTrade and PUM in April 2016, where PUM shall provide technical interventions as well as expert advice to small and medium scale farmers in the Horticultural Sector. The interventions are aimed at enhancing productivity and export competitiveness through on-farm training.

The expert, who is currently in Zimbabwe, is exploring and assessing onion production, with the aim of introducing an onion pool system. A pool system is common practice in the Dutch agriculture system, whereby growers will bring in their produce together. The produce is graded and stored in a warehouse and will be sold during off season periods when they fetch premium prices. According to the expert, the critical points in this pool concept is to maintain a good onion quality in and off season.

The idea is to set up three onion pools of 800-1000 tonnes of produce per annum across the country. Members of the pool can sell part of their harvest directly on the market and deliver the rest to the warehouse pool, where it is graded and stocked in crates.

Mr. Godwin Mushore, the Vice President of the Horticulture Marketers Association said the consumption of onions in Zimbabwe is around 15,000-20,000 tonnes per year, with local production around 7,000 tonnes. He, however, pointed that most growers in Zimbabwe do not have the appropriate knowledge as well facilities to store their crop for commercial purposes.

“These interventions could assist local growers to boost their production and being able to consistently supply both the local and export market”, he added.

According to Trade Map, in 2015, the value of global total imports of onions stood at US$3,8 billion with major importers being USA, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Germany. In the SADC region, all member states import onions with the major importers being Angola, South Africa, Mauritius and Botswana. This presents an opportunity to local onion growers.

Local manufacturers, in liaison with the PUM representative in Zimbabwe, are eligible to apply for technical assistance.



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