Tourism Sector in Zimbabwe

Sometimes referred to as the “world of wonders”, Zimbabwe is one of the worlds top travel destinations. With a myriad of natural and cultural wonders as well favourable year-round climate conditions, Zimbabwe’s tourism sector is a great option when considering investing in Zimbabwe.  It is arguably Zimbabwe’s most exciting industry in that it is the fastest growing sector, providing and ever increasing 6.1% to the countries GDP. Employing over 90,000 people, the tourism sector provides countless business opportunities in Zimbabwe

Natural Tourism in Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe is home to over 26 game parks and safari destinations in which a variety of rare animal and bird species can be viewed. In fact, over 400 different species of bird reside in the country. In addition, the Zimbabwe boasts several world renowned sites such as Mana pools, Matopos, Kariba dam, the Eastern Highlands and the mountains of Nyanga. Victoria falls, one of the most popular tourist destinations, and being an UNESCO World Heritage site is home to several world famous hotels that include activities such as golf courses, river cruises and game drives. Activities such as white water rafting and bungee jumping are provided for tourist entertainment.

Cultural tourism in Zimbabwe:

Rich in cultural heritage and art, Zimbabwe is a popular destination for tourists looking to explore interesting cultural sites. The Great Zimbabwe Ruins are some of the most inexplicable and ancient ruins in the world, and is another UNESCO World Heritage site. The Zimbabwean government has placed emphasis on the act of preserving important Zimbabwean art and artefacts. The famous Zimbabwean stone sculpture is of special interest to tourists. The National Gallery in Harare and Bulawayo were constructed to preserve and present important Zimbabwean art, which is also displayed in various international galleries around the world.

Why invest in the tourism sector?

  • Abundant natural resources
  • Well developed infrastructure
  • Access to international and regional markets
  • Access to an educated and easily trainable labour force

Where to invest in the tourism sector:

  • Development of tourist infrastructure, such as resorts, casinos and accommodation.
  • Development of airport infrastructure
  • Tourism development zones in and around major attractions
  • Partnerships with existing hotels/entertainment industries for refurbishment of infrastructure.

Publish Date: Tuesday 13 September 2016



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