Seven reasons to trade with Zimbabwe

[Title] 7 reasons to trade with Zimbabwe

[H1] Diversified economy
Zimbabwe, due to its diversified economy ( offers a range of trade opportunities in the agricultural (tobacco; cotton; maize; wheat; horticultural crops; animal husbandry), mining (gold; Platinum Group of Minerals (PGMs); diamonds; coal etc.), manufacturing (Agro Processing i.e. Oil Pressing), fertilizers; electronics; textiles & clothing), tourism and arts and crafts sectors.

[H2] Natural resources endowment
Rich in natural mineral resources ( over forty different minerals, including the world’s largest deposits of chrome, the second largest reserve of the platinum group metals, as well as significant deposits of gold, copper and nickel.

Zimbabwe has one of the best climates in the world and quality soils amenable to the growing of numerous horticultural products.

[H3] High literacy rate
According to several sources, Zimbabwean literacy rates ( are the highest in Africa at 90.7 %. These rates are based a common definition – the ability to read and write at a specified age (15 and above).

[H4] Highly skilled labour force
Due to the high literacy rates, the work force in Zimbabwe is educated and well trained.

[H5] Use of multiple currencies
Financial exchange ( risk is lowered because the country uses multi-currencies as legal tender. (US Dollar, British Pound, South African Rand and Botswana Pula)

[H6] Good basic infrastructure
Zimbabwe has good basic infrastructure ( as roads (a total road network of 88,328 km), railways (narrow gauge rail network of 2,583 km), power and strong telecommunications.

[H7] Centrally and strategically located in Southern Africa
Not only is Zimbabwe centrally and strategically located in the Southern African Region (, it is also a regional gateway serving as a North-South Corridor with access to major regional markets of SADC and COMESA.
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