Mining Sector in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a mineral rich country with up to 40 different minerals and 800 operating mines. Mining in Zimbabwe makes up 5% of the countries GDP as well as providing 4.5% of employment to the population. With 60% of the countries land surface made up of ancient rocks that host a rich variety of mineral resources, the mining sector provides a myriad of business opportunities in Zimbabwe. Famous sites, such as the Great Dyke, which holds the worlds largest deposits of chrome as well as the the second largest deposit of platinum, promise to increase the revenue of the mining sector and international interestin investing in Zimbabwe 

Mining in Zimbabwe Today
As mentioned above, the Great Dyke  is one of Zimbabwe’s most mineral rich mining areas and provides the largest percentage of production of the mining industries in the country. 28 million tonnes of Platinum were mined in 2011, as well as 930 billion tonnes of chromite.

Zimbabwe gold is also plentiful, with 13 million tonnes of gold reported to have been mined. The land is rich in other base metals such as nickel, copper, zinc and lead, as well as industrial minerals such as limestone, phosphates, clay and dolomites. The interest in

Zimbabwe diamonds have also expanded. The ancient Achaean terrain hosts kimberlite, some of which contain diamonds, such as the Murowa diamond deposits in the eastern parts of the country. The Mashonaland Dolerite dykes contain substantial deposits of black granite, arguably the best building stone in the world.

Why you should invest in mining in Zimbabwe:
1) Mining companies in Zimbabwe enjoy a flat rate of 15% tax expenses, while the standard in the country is 25%
2) All capital expenditure on exploration, development and operating incurred wholly and exclusively for mining operations is allowed in full.
3) There is no restriction on carryover of tax losses
4) Government has prioritised benefaction and value addition of all natural resources to the mining industry.

Where is investment needed?
1) New projects/ mining production
2) Infrastructure, such as the construction of railroad transport and power sources.
3) Marketing and downstream industries
Exploration. While mining in Zimbabwe has a steady rate of production and is stable, so much of the land has been left unexplored, meaning that there are countless unfound mineral deposits to be mined.

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