Export Facilitation

ZimTrade works closely with government agencies and exporters  to simplify trade procedures so as to enable smooth movement of goods across borders.

ZIMRA, one of our Privileged Partners, is continuously improving the trade environment to enhance the business competitiveness of Zimbabwean traders. ZIMRA is working on the implementation of the proposed Electronic Single Window Facility (ESWF), which will allow for on-line document submission, clearance and payment. This will greatly improve Zimbabwe’s ranking in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index.

Please consult ZIMRA for more details. www.zimra.co.zw

Trade Obstacles

ZimTrade experts are ready to advise and assist you in your export business. Should you be facing any trade obstacle, please report it to us. You can send us an SMS on +263715876373 or submit the form below.

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